4th International Yoga Day 2018 - 19


 Held On  : 21th June 2018

Venue : Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's  Smt. M.K.Patel Vidalaya

Name of the Teachers :All the Staff members.

The 4th International Yoga Day celebration was organized by the school in the school premises. The session was conducted from 8 to 9 in the morning.  All the students participated with full enthusiasm and zeal. A resource person, who is a well known Yoga teacher, Mr. Manish Bhatt was invited to conduct this session and give information about the benefits of the same to young learners.

The session started with the prayer and then little warm up exercise was done. The students then practised in various asanas like Padmasana, Hasyasana, Bhramari and many more with jumping exercises. The learners were delighted to do these asanas and promised to practise the same in everyday life. Portfolio holders did a great work to organize and help the students to conduct yoga in a smooth and easy manner. The session ended with National Anthem.

The Principal Ms. Vanadna Srivastava guided the learners about positive aspect of doing yoga and also motivated them to practise everyday. Mr. Manish Bhatt also guided the students on how to conduct yoga in everyday life. He gave motivating speech to the students. Mr. Kalpesh ended the session by giving thanks to the invited guest and colleagues. The photographs and video was taken by Mr. Kamlesh Patel.

Special Invitees (If Any)/Resource person:

  1. Mr, Manish Shah. ( Yoga Instructor , Shri Shri Ravi Shankar Ins.).


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