Ramayana - Comes Alive




When we talk about Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, we are very sure to have something very innovative and creative to be implanted in our life. 
This year, we at BVB decided to take up a school project. We finally zeroed down to work upon "Ramayana- The great Epic of India".
Though written ages ago, Ramayana as an epic occupies a unique space in everyone's life, may it be young or old. After thorough study of it, we decided to take various aspects from Ramayana and connect it to various subjects languages, mathematics, science, economics, history, geography, art/craft, music and dance. The main focus was to sharpen the reading and writing creativity. The project was a wonderful integration of all subjects with concepts and scientific phenomenon along with artistic overview and so on. 
All the children worked upon the project with great zeal, zest and interest with 100% efforts by making models, presenting stage shows on various scenes related to the episodes Sharvan's devoting towards his parents, Dasrath Vanvas, Mritu , Bharat Milap, Setu Nirman were a few charts, model and gamers prepared by the students for the exhibition. The class rooms were well decorated and it came alive with many traditional and antique items. 
The two days 26th & 27th of November 2013 were allotted for the Project cum Exhibition day. Different schools were invited to witness the same. On 26th November 2013. Sir H.N.Dasturji Executive Secretary cum Director General from Bombay Bhavan's Head Quarter, who is enjoying his golden jubilee year of his sincere and dedicated service in Bhavan's. We had many other Guests who thoroughly enjoyed the stage performance with absolute contentment and enthusiasm and appreciated the exhibition and were overwhelmed with sincere and devoted work of students of all departments.
Five judges on each day witnessed the complete performances with observation criteria and were scarce of words to appreciate the work of the students under the guidance and supervision of their teachers. Many parents were of the opinion to replace the Annual function with Projects of such uniqueness to bring out the creative and hidden talents of all the students. We cannot miss out the Parents support for the perfect execution of any task is ultimately a team work. 
To end with I would admit that the unique epic Ramanyana teaches us endless facts of life tradition, culture, devotion, truth, sincerity, brotherhood, discipline and many more..... to make our life worth living, remarkable and successful. 
To inculcate all such values we can elaborate the word "RAMAYANA" as Renounced, Admirable, Mighty, Adorable, Yearning, Amicable, Noble and Accurate. 
Yes, RAMAYANA did come alive in Bhavan's Smt. M. K. Patel School Narsanda.....

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