Principal’s Message

Dear Parents & Students

In today’s time when there is plethora of opportunities and daring challenges to be faced by each one of us, we need to be conscientious and confident in choosing the right path to tread on.  An educational institution holds an audacious task to prepare the individuals to confront the fierce competition in this competitive world.

 Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans is an elite organization which believes in the age-old philosophy of faith, self-discipline and dedication. The never-say-die spirit of working consistently towards the goal is the key to attain success. Bhavans Nadiad Kendra caters to the needs of children by providing the right platform to learn and also motivates them to expand their horizons of learning through effective modern teaching-learning methodologies. The school also strives for nurturing the young minds by inculcating the values of humility, respect for Indian culture, sensitizing them to others needs, educating them about gender sensitivity, developing love for nature and fulfilling the duties as ideal citizens. With the curricular activities, it also focuses on grooming the learners into physically strong and emotionally-sound individuals who are equipped with high intellect and strong beliefs.

The enthused team of staff makes it possible to impart knowledge by creating a holistic learning atmosphere. I feel elated to be a member of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans’ family and wish that the team continues this glorious journey by accomplishing the goals set by the stakeholders. Our motto is ‘Striding towards excellence’.


Ms. Vandana Srivastava.

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